The Meyers Sisters International Thriller Serie

Meet the 3 Meyers Sisters

Susan and Nicole, two sisters who are both different and yet the same. They are strong and independent, but struggle on a daily basis with their own lives. Armed with determination, curiosity and ambition the sisters will not rest until justice is done. 

After Maggie, the unexpected half sister, is introduced into the family, she decides to join her new sisters in the quest for the truth. 

Regardless of how dangerous or frightening their adventures are, the sister’s close bond and devotion to each other will make them achieve the impossible. Even if they have to risk their own lives to make every wrong right.


All The Secrets We Hide

First we meet Nicole Meyers

 After a young woman is brutally attacked, a Dutch journalist launches an investigation into a family business. The trail leads her to the other side of the Atlantic where she discovers a gruesome trade in dog and cat fur. When she is forced to call for help, she goes in pursuit of retired researcher Jack Branagh, who has retreated to a small, secluded village somewhere amid the harsh mountains in Canada.

On a dangerous path that takes in the rugged wilderness of North America and the dark streets of Europe’s largest port city, Nicole will do everything in her power to uncover the true story in order to overthrow an organized criminal syndicate playing with the lives of innocent citizens and hard-working entrepreneurs.

In a world where friendship and loyalty are paramount, Jack is on a mission that will bring him face to face with the brutal truth. When he realizes that his ties to the Traide are closer than he could have ever imagined, can Jack be in time to prevent history from repeating itself? To keep the headstrong, stubborn, but beautiful journalist out of the hands of his enemies, will he be able to say goodbye to her forever?


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All The Secrets We Tell *

A Novella!  – Here we meet Susan and Nicole Meyers

After Susan has been made financial manager of a construction company in The Netherlands she’s been summoned to the head office in New York for a meeting with her ex-boss and former lover George Rousset.

But soon after George falls victim of a brutal robbery, she gets accused of fraud and is under strict instructions to not undertake any action. Stuck in New York, but determined to solve the case and getting justice for her former lover, Susan starts her own investigation.

Like most big fraud cases, this one was clever.

As Susan draws closer to solving this clever crime, the more she realizes she’s involved in a game of fraud and the people involved seems to be more dangerous than she realized…..and closer than she expected…so who can she trust? In her search Susan spots a secret clue, but what is it trying to tell her? 

All The Secrets We Keep

There is a third sister!

When Maggie’s fiancé has seem to have disappeared from the island of Sark, she needs to ask for help from the man she just can’t stand. On the island they not only get acquainted with each other, they also discover the island has more secrets. The biggest of them all is what the love of her life was hiding.

Take a look at the ATSWT book trailer

A scene from the book played by real actors!

This clip has been filmed in Dutch, but no worries: subtitles in English are available. Just enable them to enjoy a paragraph from the book on screen.

(note: if you look closely, you can spot that the book cover of the first Dutch version used in this video)

Take a look at the book trailer - a dramatized excerpt from the book

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